Anti-Bullying Ambassador Meredith O’Connor

DSC02650aOn Friday 16th January we were visited by Meredith O’Connor, a teenager from America who is a pop singer but who also tours schools as an Anti-Bullying ambassador.

Meredith performed several songs for us with no microphone. She was great, you could tell she is really talented. I can’t believe that she was bullied at school.

She spoke to us for a long time and took many questions. She gave us so much time and was very honest in her responses to us.

Some thoughts from KS3 on Meredith’s visit:

‘Inspirational and a good example that there is light at the end of the tunnel’

‘An amazing role model, so glad she visited’

‘Inspirational – inspired me to be happy with who I am. Amazing’

‘She was very inspirational and honest. I am very glad she came and think that she is great for doing a tour of the UK’.