Tenner Challenge 2017

Tenner ChallengeIn PSHCE year 8 pupils are taking part in the nationwide competition this year, giving pupils just 1 month and £10 to set up a business – whilst learning vital skills along the way. Find out more at: www.tenner.org.uk

Watch this space for updates on our progress …

Sponsored Silence – 5 Monet

uniqueOn Thursday 23rd February, 5 Monet will be taking part in a sponsored silence, we are raising money for Unique.

‘Unique’ is the UK’s only registered charity for families affected by rare chromosome disorders. They provide information and support to anyone affected and work to raise public awareness. Rare chromosome disorders involve missing, extra or rearranged genetic material on one or more of a person’s chromosomes. Many of those affected are born sick and disabled, unable to walk or talk but others only find out they are affected when they come to have children of their own. Their rarity means that information about the disorders is scarce and medical professionals may not have the knowledge or understanding to answer the many questions families have. That’s where ‘Unique’ comes in. As a small charity, Unique receives no government funding and relies heavily on the support of its members, their friends, families and colleagues, donating generously and going the extra mile to raise the funds they need to go on helping families affected by rare chromosome disorders.

Please help us to support this charity and make a difference to someone else’s life.

The sponsored silence will be held at school from 9:00 – 12:30pm. This will be a challenging activity, but we are determined to raise as much as possible for ‘Unique’.

Grand Opening

Thursday September 22nd was the momentus day when our new building was officially opened by Rt Rev Richard Atkinson, the Bishop of Bedford.

The ceremony was attended by local dignitaries, Head teachers from nearby schools, representatives from Watson and Cox (who built the extension), the architect (Leon Delegate), the Mayor of Biggleswade (Councillor David Albone) and a number of key staff who have moved to other jobs or retired.

The afternoon started with a performance by the steel band which was followed by a speech by Mrs Reddick.  Bishop Richard spoke to us about his robes and the important figures depicted on his cope, including St Alban and John Bunyan.  Our school choir performed an anthem and then the school was officially opened by Bishop Richard.  The afternoon was concluded by guests being given a tour of the school, whilst the pupils enjoyed an hour of ‘golden time’ doing activities that the children themselves had chosen to do, ranging from Football and Frisbee, to art and board games.  The fantastic weather and wonderful behaviour of the children helped to make it a very special day.