The French Department

The French Department believes that:-

  1. Every child has the right to learn a second language.
  2. Learning a second language enhances understanding and appreciation of other countries, cultures, communities and lifestyles. It also gives pupils insight into their own culture and society.
  3. Learning a second language allows pupils to build on their linguistic and communication skills by giving them the tools to make direct and personal contact with other people and their cultures.
  4. Learning a second language develops pupils’ thinking and reasoning skills.
  5. Learning a language is a lifelong skill that can be used for business and for pleasure.
  6. Learning a language should be fun and enhance pupil self-confidence.

The French Department aims to set suitable learning challenges by teaching knowledge, skills and understanding in ways which maintain high expectations whilst also meeting the abilities and learning needs of all pupils.

We aim to:-

  1. Create an effective learning environment where pupils and teachers feel secure and where every pupil’s contributions are valued.
  2. Ensure that objective lead lessons, interactive teaching styles and assessment for learning are embedded in our schemes of work and teaching.
  3. Vary content and presentation to match learning needs, thereby securing concentration and motivation.
  4. Provide equality of opportunity for all learners.
  5. Use peer and self assessment as well as formal assessment.
  6. Make sure pupils understand the level of their attainment and how they can improve.
  7. Set clear and informed targets for learning and attainment.
  8. Use ICT to enhance learning.
  9. Give pupils a sound knowledge and understanding of grammar so that they are able to manipulate the language.
  10. Encourage independence and creativity.
  11. Work together as a friendly, co-operative and openly sharing team.

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