R.E. Excellence 2016

R.E. Excellence day fun memories:
Outside St Alban's Abbey
On the 30th of November, we went to St. Albans Cathedral with Mrs Thorn and Mrs Jeffs. In the morning we went to the Jewish Exhibition and learnt about the life of a Jew. We were able to try 2 different types of Jewish bread and learn about the Jewish culture. We were also shown different rituals. We learnt about the Sabbath and Passover, which is an important festival in the faith.

Now for some fun facts:

  • In a Jewish marriage, part of the ceremony is the bride and groom smashing glass
  • The reason they have flat bread on Passover is because when they were leaving, they didn’t have time to leave the bread to rise.
  • You aren’t allowed to touch the Torah with your bare hands as they are greasy and dirty, so they use a pointer and it is hard to repair a large Torah because of its size.


Look at what we didIn the afternoon we did a brass rubbing session. We used some wax to rub against our chosen brass and learnt about the brasses in the Cathedral. We learnt about when Henry the VIII’s soldiers came to St. Albans and the monks attempt to save some of the most important brasses, with a success of hiding them, but unfortunately, some of them were cracked when they were moved.


Our personal Opinions:
Playing the ram's hornThat Wednesday was a great experience for me but I also think for everyone because we were taught, well guided by someone who has been a Jewish person for all of his life and we got an insight to Jewish people’s lives. I also enjoyed the history part before brass rubbing (which I enjoyed a lot) because I’m a great fan of history especially the medieval period but also the architectural design of the cathedral was amazing the inside was very vast.

William Castaneda, 7ROW


Hard at workI personally enjoyed learning about the Jewish faith as it is a Faith that I do not know much about. I also enjoyed the session in the afternoon as the animal that I did (A griffon) looked very cool as I did it in gold and it was on black paper. Also, as the Cathedral was very vast, there were lots of different things to discover.

Alice Blackford, 7ROW

Blessing the bread