Head of Physical Education – Mr A Carter

Here at Edward Peake C of E (VC) Middle School, we aim to provide a broad and balanced P.E. curriculum which enables pupils to experience and enjoy a wide range of sporting activities.

Developing pupil’s positive attitude towards physical activity is central to the P.E. department’s aims, as is encouraging pupils to participate in our extensive programme of extra-curricular sporting opportunities.

We believe that sport is an invaluable tool to help pupils reach their full potential. We not only help pupils develop their physical literacy skills; we also strive to help pupils develop essential life skills through team work and competitive play.


Key Stage 2 – Pupils take part in a wide range of sports including, dance, gymnastics, tennis, football, rugby, basketball, dodge ball and a range of athletic events. During year 5 pupils also get the opportunity to go swimming at a local pool with specialist teaching.

Key Stage 3 – Pupils build on the skills learnt at Key Stage 2 and begin to think about tactics and focus more closely on the techniques used in a range of different sports.


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