On this webpage you will find continuously updated lists of useful websites to use as part of your Humanities studies:

1. Googlemaps – Very useful website for looking up places, and creating basic maps as part of your studies.

2. Traveller IQ – A web game which gives you an opportunity to develop your knowledge of places around the world.

3. National Geographic Society 

4. Royal Geographic Society

5. USGS (United States Geological Survey)

6. Geography at the Movies

7. BBC Nature

8. Horrible Geography

9. Country Meters

10. Walk Jog Run

10. BBC History

11. Institute of Historical Research

12. History Channel 

13. School History

14. News.Discovery.com

15. National Geographic – History Videos 

16. Horrible Histories

17. History Learning Site

18. CBBC Horrible Histories

19. Biggleswade History Society

20. Early British Kingdoms

21. Primary Facts

22. British Empire

23. Royal Household