The school benefits from two computer suites enabling computing to be class taught and for Information Technology to feature in other subject areas. Two trolleys contain 20 laptops each and allow for digital literacy to be one component of any classroom lesson.  All teaching rooms are equipped with interactive white boards, six of which are the latest HD touch screen technology. All teaching staff use digital technology as part of their teaching.

The school Virtual Learning Environment enables pupils and parents to access learning resources in school and at home via the internet. Computing and other subjects are moving to an internet based learning environment.

In addition we now have a class set of 30 Samsung Tablets which use the latest android technology.  The tablets allow pupils to access a wider range of android apps to support their learning.

Pupils in Year 5 and 8 have two hours of discreet Computing lessons per week, while those in Year 6 and 7 are taught for one hour.  The new computing curriculum focuses on computer systems and programming, emerging technologies and the safety of young people whilst using digital devices online.