Drawing and TalkingDrawing & Talking Home - Drawing & Talking

Drawing and Talking is a child-centred therapy focusing on prevention, early intervention and  recovery of mental health issues. It is aimed at children and young people who have suffered  trauma or have underlying emotional difficulties affecting their mental health and well-being.  Drawing and Talking therapy also supports those who are not realising their full potential  either socially or academically.

Loss and Grief Support

Trained staff can provide Loss and Grief support to pupils as part of a six week programme.

Lego TherapyYour School Games - Lego Therapy Introductory Webinar

LEGO therapy is a social skills programme for children and young people with social  communication problems such as autism spectrum disorders. In LEGO therapy pupils work  together to build LEGO models and through this have the opportunity to develop social skills  such as turn taking, collaboration and social communication.

Life Skills

This programme involves activities such as cooking, gardening, road skills, first aid, a trip to  a local café and shop and also focuses on personal hygiene and social skills. It is designed to  enhance a child’s personal development and increase their confidence and self-esteem  which can then be transferred into everyday life.

Precision Teaching

Precision Teaching is a tool to help highly effective teaching and support where a child is  finding something difficult or where the skill they need to learn needs to be fluent and  automatic. It is one of the most effective teaching strategies for ensuring high levels of fluency  and accuracy. Precision Teaching involves short one minute carefully designed tasks to build  skills by practising them regularly. Progress is monitored and tracked to ensure the pupil is  learning as fast as they can. At Edward Peake we offer Precision Teaching in Maths and English  in short daily sessions.

Toe By ToeToe by Toe – Reading manual for dyslexia

Toe By Toe is an intervention aimed at pupils who find it difficult to read fluently and struggle  to read unfamiliar words confidently and accurately. This includes weak readers who struggle  to decode text, or those with dyslexic difficulties. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes  and the programme can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the pupil.

Dyslexia Gold

This is a fun and interactive online proven to help struggling readers to catch up. The intervention takes place at school but can also be accessed at home.