Year 5

In the Autumn Term, Year 5 will be thinking about who or what inspires them: family and friends, events, famous people from history and in the media today.

Who are these famous people?


Can you think of anybody who inspires you?

In the summer term, Year 5 visited Olney on 20th May for ‘Lifepath Newton’  and we looked at the life of John Newton and how his experiences influenced him.  For those who think they haven’t heard of him, he is the man who wrote ‘Amazing Grace’.

After half term, we looked at the similarities and differences between Humanists and Christians.

Can you name these well-known Humanists?

NORWA STINKONA                                                         DRAB TIPI

REGGOE ENOCOLY                                                          KJORB


In the Summer Term Year 5 will learn about Hinduism.

They will look at how and where Hinduism began and what the special symbol of Hinduism is.



Year 6


In the Autumn Term, Year 6 will be looking at the idea of pilgrimage and what its significance is for a variety of faiths.  We will discover which cities or places are special to different people and why.

Do you know which towns, cities and places are special for:







IN the Spring Term, Year 6 will be learning about Islam: how it originated as a faith, what the main beliefs are, how Muslims worship and how being a Muslim affects everyday life.

We will learn about the origins of the Muslim faith and how Allah revealed himself to Muhammed (pbuh) through the angel, Jibril.

Pupils will find out about the key beliefs of Muslims and how they affect their everyday lives.

We will also look at the Qur’an: how it should be treated and what it contains.