Year 7

During the Autumn Year 7 will be learning about what it means to be a Sikh. 

In the Spring Term, Year 7 will be looking at who Jesus was and how his life and teachings affect Christians today. Pupils will look at images of Jesus and think about their personal view of him.

Year 8

In the Autumn Term, Year 8 will be looking at what people say about God.  We will talk about theism, agnosticism and atheism and the pupils will have a chance to discuss their own beliefs and look at why others believe or disbelieve in God.

We will also think about what faith is.

Can you think of something or someone you have faith in?


In the first part of the Spring Term, we will be finding out about the way different religions see the place of animals on the Earth.  How should we treat animals?  What do you think the moral and religious reasons are for the way we look after our furry friends?

Do you think it is right to use animals to work for us?


Do you think it is right to eat meat?


What do different religions say about these and other aspects?