Miss Mall, Year 5 HOY, and Mrs Rodgers, Assistant Headteacher, are responsible for the intake liaison process and they will visit our feeder lower schools during the autumn term.

Places are allocated by the Local Authority during the Spring Term. Children whose parents have opted for Edward Peake Church of England Middle School spend an afternoon initially and then a full day in school towards the end of the Summer Term, meeting their new class teacher and their ‘pen pal’; a child in our current Year 5 who will have been writing to them.

When pupils arrive in Year 5, having usually attended one of our six main local lower schools, they are put into mixed ability classes. Classes are made up using the advice given by lower school class teachers. We pride ourselves on the fact that the school has a team of primary specialists who maintain close contact with these classes.

From this mixed ability base, we ability group pupils in Literacy and Numeracy enabling more able and less able groups to be formed in each case. All ability groups are reviewed at least termly.

Mr Carter, Year 8 HOY will undertake the process of transition from year 8 to year 9 with our local upper schools.