The Tenner Challenge is a four week challenge where teams are given £10 (yes! a real one) and need to  come up with a marketable idea. The challenge is to turn the £10 into profit! Pupils were able to sell their items at any point during the four week period although it did culminate in the Tenner Challenge Market with pupils, parents and staff able to purchase a variety of home made goodies.

Monies raised went to 3 destinations – a charity of the teams choice, pay back the £10 plus £1 to allow more schools to be involved next year and an amount to ‘The Y8 pot’ (year 8 to decide where this went).


Cancer Research: £429:33

Rainbow Children’s Trust: £15:85

Water Aid: £36:57

Great Ormond Street: £34:62

Blue Cross: £20

PDSA: £85:20


Who were the most successful businesses?

Accessories for your Life – £100:08

Sweet Tooth – £102:40

Buzy Bees – £105:20

The Woodjax – £152


Year 8 Pot …


What will this years Yr8 achieve?