June Values Newsletter

Firstly, a big thank you to all those parents who nominated children and staff for the values awards for encouragement. Year 5 staff decided that as there were so many suggestions, they would give a certificate for each class. The other year groups had one certificate winner, but a special mention goes to these pupils and staff for their amazing efforts during a difficult time:

Nyasha Emerinini, Rosie Henegan, William Graves, Fleur Wiltshire, Elise Sivers, Mr Carter, Mrs Crighton-Rook, Mr Turner and Mrs Terry.

Please start nominating for the Trust Values Awards for staff and pupils – emails to info@edwardpeake.beds.sch.uk by Friday 26 June.


5SM: Prem Ahluwalia  for working  hard by himself ensuring every piece of work is completed to the best standards and encouraging and being supportive of his mum during difficult times

5LJ: Laila Shippey – for helping and encouraging all at home and completing school work herself

5DH: Heidi Fullerton – for helping and supporting her family through difficult times as well as completing her school work.

5AT: Ava Webb – for celebrating and encouraging her class and teachers with some very kind and well thought out comments on Google Classroom and offering words of encouragement and praise to all throughout this lock down.

5VT: Edward Hindley – for working incredibly and regularly handing work in without any encouragement needed!

Year 6: Lerice Joubert – for working so hard, she encouraged mum to study too!

Year 7: Lilli Byrne – for embracing the encouragement of her teachers and working amazingly hard to produce a great standard of work in a variety of subjects.

Year 8: Theo Gormley – He has been working incredibly hard and has completed every task teachers have set him.

The Staff certificates went to Miss Butchard, Mrs Jeffs and Mrs Rodgers for leading and encouraging their different groups of staff through the lockdown.


“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God.”                                         John 14:1

  • Trust is believing that everyone will carry out tasks responsibly.
  • Trust is believing that you will be treated fairly
  • Trust is accepting advice from others with more knowledge or experience than you

Some of the ways in which we can be show trust are by:

  • Doing your best to carry out tasks which have been entrusted to you.
  • Thinking and behaving fairly.
  • Trusting that others who give you advice want the best for you and use that advice wisely.

Over the last week, we have been looking at the life of David and how his trust in God led him to do great things and eventually become king. In thankfulness for God’s protection and help, David wrote many of the Psalms as hymns or prayers showing his gratitude. The children in school had a chance to write their own Psalm and I think you will agree, the examples here are worthy to be Psalms.