In Year 7 pupils will study,


Unit 1 – March Style – [gview file=””]

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Unit 2 – Caribbean music and Reggae

In this project you will begin by looking at styles such as calypso and mento which can be seen in a number of popular songs.

You will be learning to sing the children’s song Charley Marley and finding out how to add different backing parts using pitched instruments. Some of you will be learning to combine backing parts into simple harmony.

Unit 3 – Using Music Technology to create atmosphere

You will be using music as a powerful means of influencing people’s emotions, by creating an advertisement containing

visual and audio elements. Envisage yourself as the marketing director of a company specialising in Caribbean Holidays.

You are asked to create an advert encouraging people to take an all-inclusive luxury holiday with the company.

Step 1

Create a series of enticing images including different facets of a luxury holiday, eg beaches, swimming with tropical fish and

dolphins, sea vista, hotel accommodation, lavish food, discos and other entertainment, etc. Remember to include text

boxes outlining costs, transit arrangements, etc.

Step 2

Use a set of pre-determined Caribbean-style loops within MIXCRAFT to create a structured soundtrack. Export as an mp3 file.

Step 3

Import the mp3 file into your powerpoint and set timings so that changes in image always match changes in the music.