Types of SEND

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1. Cognitive and Learning

a. Dyslexia/SpLD

b. Dyscalculia

c. Dyspraxia/DCD

d. Mild Learning Difficulties

e. Moderate Learning Difficulties

f. Severe Learning Difficulties

g. Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties

h. Unspecified

2. Social, Emotional and Mental Health



3. Communication and Interaction

a. Speech and Language Difficulties

b. Autism

4. Sensory

a. Severe/profound hearing loss

b. Mild/moderate hearing loss

c. Blind

d. Partially sighted

e. Multi-sensory impairment

5. Physical

a. Cerebral Palsy

b. Spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus

c. Muscular Dystrophy

d. Significant accidental injury

e. Other

6. Medical Conditions/Syndromes

a. Epilepsy

b. Asthma

c. Diabetes

d. Anaphylaxis

e. Down

f. Other medical conditions/syndromes

g. Interaction of complex medical needs