Year 7 Catch-up Premium

2016 – 2017


Year 7 Catch-up will fund the Switch-On to Reading and Writing Programme. The funding will cover the cost of staffing and resources.  This programme is designed to raise attainment in both reading and Writing and will be delivered over 4 hours a week for 10 weeks. 2 Pupils have be identified who will benefit from the programme.


12 pupils were identified as needing intervention this year. They were identified as pupils who had not reached expected standard in the End of Key Stage test and whose number age was 12 months + below their actual age. Our funding will be spent on additional staffing hours, purchase of ‘Catching Up in Maths 1A to 5C’ programme to supplement the existing programme and the part funding of the trial and use of the success@arithmetic programme.

The funding will be used to fund early numeracy testing materials which will provide teachers with a ‘number age’.

The Success @ Arithmatic Programme will also be funded through Year 7 Catch-up premium with the aim of further raising the Attainment of targeted pupils in Mathematics.