Our aim at Edward Peake C of E (VC) Middle School is for all pupils to enjoy their digital learning experience. We want pupils to be able to utilise a range of technology, equipment and resources in order to be able to develop their digital literacy whilst having fun and gaining transferable skills that are relevant to their own lives and experiences.

All pupils have one hour of discreet timetabled computing per week. In addition a range of opportunities exist to use digital literacy skills in all other areas of the curriculum. Pupils have access to their own password protected account within school as well as a shared network of resources.

With the introduction of our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), learning can now be extended beyond the classroom. Smart Assess, our VLE provider, are partnered with Google, giving all staff and pupils acess to the full range of ‘Google Apps’ from any internet capable device.

Edward Peake C of E (VC) Middle School has a modern computer suite with 28 hard wired desktop computers.  In addition pupils have access to two banks of laptops and 30 android tablets. The PE department has also recently invested in 10 IPads for use in PE lessons. Modified hardware is available to pupils with a visual impairment.


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