Values News!

Values Newsletter April/May

We hope you had a lovely Easter. Our new Values Trophies arrived in school just in time to be presented at the end of term. The flame shape is symbolic of hope and is a fitting award for our monthly values champions.

In school we have been focussing on and encouraging pupils to lead class worship. All classes have two collective worship sessions per week in their form groups where sometimes worship is led by their class teacher and sometimes by the pupils themselves. This gives the children a voice to say how they feel about the value of the month or another fitting topic and to lead their classmates in activities, music, drama, reflection and prayer on their chosen theme.


Leonie (Year 8), Caitlin (Year 7), Jayden (Year 6) and Charlotte (Year 5) received certificates for demonstrating aspects of Respect within the school. Jayden and Mrs Jeffs were the staff and pupil trophy winners.

  • Forgiveness is being able to say “it’s okay”
  • Forgive those who apologise and those who don’t
  • Forgiveness is not holding a grudge
  • Forgiveness is treating others as we would like to be treated

We have been encouraging the children to reach these points by:

  • Stay calm and don’t hold past experiences against others
  • Treat others fairly and consistently

Please try to support your child or children at home by trying these ideas and forgiving others outside school too.

Luke chapter 6: ‘Forgive as the Lord forgave you.’

Thanks to Ruby, Gabriel, Taylan and Amelie for editing this month’s newsletter