Values News!

July Values Newsletter

The Values Ambassadors who attended the meeting at Northill on 5th July 2017, were a credit to the school and their ideas now need to be combined to produce a plan for the next two years at Northill and Edward Peake.

Next year’s values are: Courage and Perseverance, Hope, Peace, Gratitude, Loyalty, Love, Respect, Forgiveness, Equality, Freedom.  Thank you to all those who suggested our new values.

Our Values day on Thursday 13th July was a great success, with pupils taking part in yoga, gardening, weaving, making values calendars and making friendship bracelets for our Year 6 overseas link with Siyathathuka, to name but a few activities.


Our Justice winners were:
Jonathan (Year 8), Louie (Year 7), Daniel (Year 6) and Jaden (Year 5) with Mrs Smith being our ‘firm but fair’ staff justice winner.



“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” Bob Dylan

We are very lucky to have the freedom we have in Britain, compared to other countries in the world, but do we make the most of our freedom and use it wisely? This month can you give a thought/prayer to those who do not have our privileges? Can you use your freedom in a responsible way?

  • Freedom is choice
  • Freedom is living with dignity
  • Freedom is when rights are balanced with responsibilities

At home and school:

  • Why don’t you try something new?
  • Spend a lesson/lunchtime/day allowing others to be free and not just doing what you want
  • Use your free time wisely and make the most of it!