Senior Leadership Team

Miss Z J Linington: Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss H Butchard: Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Inclusion Lead Designated teacher for CLA/PCLA, Educational Visits Coordinator

Mrs T Jeffs: Assistant Headteacher, Lead Behaviour Professional, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Wellbeing Lead, Acting Lead for Maths KS3

Mrs K Rodgers: Assistant Headteacher- Curriculum and Assessment

Mrs A Weedon: Assistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning

Inclusion Team

Mr R Scoot: Safeguarding & Pastoral Manager, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Anderson: SENDCo

Miss S Taylor: Inclusion Administration Manager

Mrs L Pearce : Pastoral Behaviour Support Coordinator, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K Challis: Pastoral Behaviour Support Worker

Mrs L Owusu-Sekyere: Pastoral Behaviour Support Worker

Mr L Dunne: Classroom Behaviour Support Worker

Teaching Staff 

Miss J Ashby: Subject Leader – DT, Y6 form teacher

Mrs A Basra: Y6 form teacher, Acting Lead for KS2 Maths 

Miss L Bell: Subject Leader – Art, Y8 form teacher

Mrs N Burr: Y6 form tutor

Mr A Carter: Subject Leader – PE, Y7 form teacher, Safeguarding support

Mrs S Collinson: Y6 form tutor

Mrs K Corby: Y5 form tutor – Acting Lead for KS2 PSHCE

Mrs H Crighton-Rook: Science Teacher

Mr K Dell: Leader of Y6

Mr M Duffy: Subject Leader – Humanities, Y7 form teacher, Assistant Education Visits Coordinator, Safeguarding support

Mr L Dunne: PE/Computing teacher

Mr D Evans: Subject Leader- French, Y8 form teacher, Safeguarding support

Miss L Heather: Year 6 form teacher

Mrs R Gibson: Drama teacher (maternity leave)

Mr A Groves: Subject Leader – Religious Education

Mr T Hodgson:  Y5 form teacher, Pupil Premium Leader

Miss D Hooper: Subject Leader – PSHCE, Y5 form teacher (maternity leave)

Mrs N Kirk: Year 6 form teacher

Mrs L Knight: Subject Leader – Science, Y7 form teacher

Miss S Mall:  Leader of Y5

Mr J North: Y5 form teacher

Mr H Oduloju: Y7 form teacher

Mrs Ranger: Computing teacher

Mr C Redding: Leader of KS3, Y8 form teacher

Mrs C Sermons: Dance teacher

Miss C Stubbert: Subject Leader – Computing

Mrs V Terry: Y5 form teacher

Mrs S Thorn: Subject Leader – Music, Y7 form teacher

Mr G Watts: Y5 form teacher

Mrs J Wilkins: DT Teacher

Mr L Wells: Subject Leader – English, Y8 form teacher

Mr J Wyatt: KS3 Teacher, Y7 form teacher

Cover Supervisors

Mrs S Tookey (Cover Manager)

Mrs R Gibson

Miss K Jenkins

Mrs H Ranger

Non-Teaching Staff 

Mrs K Bilcock: Lead Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms K Chatwin: PA to Headteacher, School Administration Manager, Staff Absence Manager

Mrs L Turner: Kitchen Manager

Mrs J Febery-Watts: Finance Manager

Mrs M Gough: Display Technician

Mr A Grainger: Science Technician

Mrs A Harding: Receptionist/Office Administrator

Mrs C Huxtable: Art & Technology Assistant

Mr G Jakes: Site Agent

Miss S Lee: Receptionist/Office Administrator

Ms S Mole: Librarian

Mrs L Murray: Receptionist/Office Administrator

Mrs A Ridley: Finance Assistant

Mrs J Sharp: Receptionist/Office Administrator

Mr Sam Watts: ICT Technician (Partnership Education)

Teaching Assistants

Miss E Balogh

Mrs K Bilcock

Mr A Clark

Mrs J Gumbo

Miss R Heeney

Miss H Mortier

Mrs D Page

Mrs C Sermons 

Miss N Webb

Mrs J Whitby

Miss S Whiting