At Edward Peake, we believe that it is important to consolidate the learning that takes place in the classroom and to help support and encourage pupils’ enthusiasm for learning outside of the classroom. Homework tasks are set in every year group, with the amount of homework set and the expectations for how long pupils should spend on each task, increasing as pupils move into each new year group.

Homework tasks are set by each subject leader but class teachers may adapt a particular homework task to suit the needs of an individual learner. Homework tasks can be used to recap and consolidate learning that has already taken place in class or to introduce vocabulary which pupils will encounter within a topic or to extend pupils’ learning beyond what has been covered in class.

This term’s homework timetable can be found here: Homework Timetable Summer Term 2024

Homework is set on ClassCharts and pupils are encouraged to complete digitally where appropriate. Any pupil who does not have access to an appropriate device can complete any homework set on paper instead. Pupils or parents should notify relevant members of staff if paper copies are required.

Pupils will receive feedback on their homework is a wide variety of ways. For many tasks, pupils will receive instant feedback with a score or comment via the platform being used. Teachers may also provide verbal feedback to pupils about their homework. This may be done on a 1:1 basis or in more general terms with the whole class.

Teachers assessment of homework often forms a basis on which to identify where there may be gaps in pupils’ understanding or knowledge and will support them in adapting the next sequence of lessons accordingly.

If you wish to discuss the homework set for your child please contact the subject teacher in the first instance. This can be done by emailing the school office on

Your email will then be directed to the appropriate member of staff.