The Curriculum and AFL


The Curriculum

There are currently four or five classes in each year group.  The school follows the new national curriculum, agreeing topics with lower and upper school colleagues to avoid overlap of content, and following the county agreed syllabus in Religious Education. To ensure continuity in the transition from Year 4 to Year 5, Key Stage 2 pupils follow ‘The Inspire Curriculum’ which builds upon skills and knowledge acquired in all of our feeder lower schools.

Year 5 pupils are taught in the main by their class teacher while Year 6, 7 and 8 are taught by a range of subject specialists.

Apart from a few elements of the PE syllabus, where activities may be gender appropriate, all children have access to all areas of the curriculum. All subjects in are taught in mixed ability classes or groups, except for English, Maths and Science where classes are set or banded.

Click here for curriculum maps and subject area information.

Assessment for Learning (AFL)

Our children’s classroom experiences are underpinned by our systematic adoption of best practice in Assessment for Learning. Prompt written or oral feedback on work carried out ensures that pupils know how to progress in their learning. Pupils are expected to respond to feedback given in order to help themselves in making the ‘next steps’.