School Uniform

To order uniform please use the following link:

Items marked with an asterisk* are available for purchase online.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all pupils and anyone arriving at school in non-uniform will be loaned a spare uniform for the day.

  • Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school. Long hair (touching or below the collar) must be tied back.
  • Jewellery, make-up, false nails, nail varnish and excessive hair gel are not permitted in school. Pupils may wear one pair of flat stud earrings only.
  • Only a watch to be worn on the wrist. (No bracelets, bands, hair ties, etc)
  • Coats and other outdoor clothing may not be worn in school.  Pupils arriving in boots of any kind must change into suitable school shoes on arrival.

Should you wish to discuss the wearing of prohibited jewellery for religious or cultural reasons, please contact us before sending your child to school.

* Navy blue polo shirt embroidered with school emblem

* Navy blue sweatshirt with school emblem

* Grey, navy blue or black tailored trousers or knee length tailored shorts; no denims, cords, tight or fashion styles

* Grey, navy blue or black skirt  – knee length only

* Plain black formal, medium-cut shoes (triple black trainers are acceptable); Other trainers and boots are not acceptable.  

* Plain black, navy, grey or white (not trainer) socks

* Reversible showerproof fleece with school emblem (optional item)

P.E. Kit

Indoor PE kit (for health related fitness and gymnastics)

* Sky blue polo shirt

* Black shorts

* White socks and trainers

Outdoor PE kit (for court games e.g. ball skills, netball and basketball)

Warm Weather

* Sky blue polo shirt

* Black shorts

* Sky blue football socks


Outdoor PE kit (for field games e.g. football, rugby, hockey)

* Sky blue polo or rugby shirt with school emblem

* Black shorts or plain black or *navy jogging bottoms

* Navy blue hoodie with school emblem (optional item)

* Sky blue football socks

* Football boots

* Shin – pads

* Gum shield (rugby and hockey only) available from school shop

Cold Weather

The kit listed above is of course acceptable, however, we suggest pupils bring the following additional PE items to ensure they remain warm and comfortable:

* Rugby Shirt with school emblem

* Plain black or * navy jogging bottoms

* Microfibre Top ¼ zip with school emblem (optional item)

* Plain black or plain blue zip up top

In extremely cold weather it is advisable for pupils to wear fingerless gloves and a plain woollen hat.

Please ensure that all uniform and P.E. kit is marked with the pupil’s name.