The intention of our curriculum is to provide a broad, balanced and knowledge rich education which ensures every child is offered challenging and engaging learning experiences with Christian values at their heart.

Our main aims are to:

  • Live: To develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in reading, writing, speaking and listening in French.
  • Love: To support students to understand other countries and cultures so that they can be more open and adaptable to new experiences; ensuring that each topic contains an element of cultural reference to not only the target language country, but the wider Francophone sphere.
  • Learn: Develop the skills and confidence of language learners to consider themselves as ‘World Citizens’ who belong in a multicultural, mutually respectful world.


Pupils are encouraged to broaden and deepen knowledge whilst showing a positive attitude to learning. The intent is implemented predominantly through subject leaders who structure and deliver progressive learning within their subject area.


Pupils achieve academically, are ready for their next steps in education and have high aspirations for their future. Ultimately, we want our students to have a love of languages and aim to achieve this by nurturing a linguistic curiosity and an intrinsic motivation to explore and respect other cultures and people.