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Year 5

Sketching Techniques/Design Skills

Below are links to short tutorials on sketching techniques from Mark Kistler. 

Key-ring Examples



Year 6

Anderson Shelters

Cad work

Product Research

Product analysis


Mini Battery powered Racers

Measuring, marking and cutting

Fixing and finishing

Basic electronics


Year 7

Shop Design

Cad work

Internet research


Product design

Land Yachts

Designing Land Yachts showing awareness

of aerodynamics and the forces

exerted on a vehicle.


ICT – through the use of CAD software,

using search engines to research information

Science – The effects of forces on a vehicle,

aerodynamic designs.


Product design

Measuring, marking and cutting


Working with plastics


Year 8

Eco House

Cad work

Internet based research

Product design


SMSC and PSHCE: through looking at environmental impact of building; traditional and eco houses form around the world.

Maths: measuring room sizes and working to scale.

English: Written evaluations, advertising leaflets and product analysis.

Science and Geography: environmental impact of building, alternative energy sources and building products.turbine animations

History: Building houses, looking at changing styles and fashions.

ICT: Using search engines, word processing, navigating the internet.

Personal Alarm


Vacuum Forming


Scale and Technical drawings

Mini Board Games

Product Development

Measuring and cutting

Fixing and finishing